What I Wore: Winter College Outfit

IMG_3625 2Greetings my lovelies! What is this? Another outfit post! I started this blog to document lots of things that make me happy. Well one of my first loves is style and dressing up every day. I actually cannot put into words how much I love putting an outfit together. Taking inspiration from other fashion lovers or just going with my gut and breaking the rules, making quiet a few fashion fauz pas along the way. This is an outfit I wore to college during the week. It has been freezing so yes I did wear a massive coat over it!IMG_3581 2 IMG_3630 2 IMG_3628 2I’m wearing a skirt that I bought it Dressed in Bandon, shirt is from Jack Wills, tights from H&M, bag Louis Vuitton, necklace by Ardmore Jewellery and my boots from Ash.

IMG_3606 2Shirts tucked into skirts have saved my life this Autumn/Winter. They have become that really easy combo for those mornings you wake up late for college! Before I go I wanted to let you all know I have been shortlisted for my first ever blog competition! I am speechless with excitement! I can’t believe after only six months of blogging how much this little site has grown. I still have to pinch myself that anyone reads my little space of the internet! Thank you to every single one of you. Now mushy stuff aside, I’ll be back Sunday with another post! Until then stay warm!


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