What I Wore: College #2

IMG_2319Here is another look into my college wardrobe! A little fancy for college some might say but in my opinion the more fun the outfit the better! As I have said before playing dress up every morning is my favourite part of the day! I rarely plan outfits the night before, I prefer to just let whatever mood I’m in determine how the outfit turns out! I was obviously feeling very sweet and angelic that morning! I’m wearing a dress I bought in a little shop in the Portobello Market in London about four years ago, a lace underdress from H&M, a cream cardigan from Miss Daisy Blue, shoes from Kurt Geiger and bag from Louis Vuitton. This is a very typical outfit for me! I love layering cream and love wearing lace and frills! This is the sort of outfit that puts me in such good mood for the rest of the day. It’s the sort of outfit you imagine that only good things can happen whilst wearing it!
IMG_2309 IMG_2315IMG_2323


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