What I Wore: Last Day Of Summer

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Time for another What I Wore feature! I wore this ensamble to college last week and to drinks after college. It was the last day before “the cold” set in. We have been so lucky with our Indian Summer here in Ireland but I suppose it had to end at some point. That was the last day before I took out all my winter coats and boots. I actually feel cold just looking at my partly exposed arms! Ah, better times! In a way I’m actually a little happy. I was really looking forward to traditional Autumn things like boots, cozy jumpers, bundling up to go for walks and coming home to hot chocolate and baths! I love Autumn! So I’m going to call this outfit my last day of Summer outfit! I wore a dress from a little boutique which I have forgotten, jumper from Topshop, tights H&M and boots from Le Chateau Choos in Thurles. My handbag is a new addition to my wardrobe this Autumn. It’s a vintage Louis Vuitton Speedy which I picked up in the most amazing shop ever. EVER. Rare on Dawson street, Dublin. Its sells guaranteed authentic designer bags and clothes, all previously owned but in amazing condition. It is my new favourite shop right now. The guys who run it are so helpful and chatty and never mind that I pop in most days to look rather than buy! Anyway I think it’s one of Dublin’s best kept secrets! I love layering jumpers over dresses. It gives an old dressĀ  new lease of life!

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I hope you’re all enjoying pumpkin spice latte and layering jumpers, I know I am! There is so much to look forward to in Autumn!

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