Top 5 Lip Products


1. YSL Rouge Volupte Shine


Oh YSL you just get it don’t you?! This is probably the prettiest product packaging I have ever laid eyes on! This is my all time favorite lip product.  The shade range is good, the colors themselves excellent. This shade is nicely pigmented but doesn’t have the staying power of a lipstick. Where this is a winner is the packaging, the smell (fruity mango), the colors, the glossiness, the hydrating. I actually cant do credit to what an amazing lip product this is! I use this for an everyday red lip. I would use something more dramatic like Mac’s Russian Red for a night time red.

2. Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte by Kate MossIMG_2292

I have this in the shade 107 which is a deep berry red with cool undertones. Its super pigmented and the texture is creamy, it’s also not too matte.  It has the incredible staying power I get from my MAC lipsticks. Its a really vampy red and I was worried it would look a little silly on my über pale Irish skin but after it settles it looks really sophisticated! Also for a drugstore lipstick I find the packaging super chic! See more details here!

3. Mac’s Craving


What would I do without Mac’s Craving? This is definitely my most worn lipstick. In fact see me any random day and chances are I’m wearing it. The color is just incredible, a pinky, plummy concoction of pure perfection! Its long lasting with a creamy texture and not overly pigmented. For me it is my holy grail of lipsticks. I will never not have one in my beauty bag! Its amplified finish makes it a dream to apply, one of those lipsticks I feel I don’t need a mirror to apply!

4. Rimmel’s Apocalips


Two Rimmel products in one post? They must be doing something right! Apocalips Lip Lacquer is a winner for me! This is the reddest shade Across the universe. I use this on its own or over a red lipstick for a serious pow factor. That being said a little really does go a long way and I never really have to put on a second coat when I first apply it. I wish it would have a little bit longer staying power. I do find myself topping up after a while which I don’t like doing with lip lacquers. But over all it is a great product. It feels nice on and doesn’t dry out my lips.

5. Bobbi Brown’s Desert Plum



Desert plum is my perfect shade to take me from day to night. Its looks equally chic during the day and bold enough for a night out. I love Bobbi Brown as a brand, for me they can literally do no wrong. I think they have one of the best range of lipstick shades out there. Its like a really old school lipstick, the texture and smell remind me of my mothers lipsticks back in the day! The packaging is so sophisticated and lovely, as with all Bobbi Brown packaging. The color is like a mixture of plummy, browny red, it feels light on the lips and I don’t find it flaking  at all! Only little downside, it could have a little bit of a longer staying power. But I can live with that for such a gorgeous, flattering shade!

So thats all for today! I hope you enjoyed my post and maybe found it just a little informative! Until next time! xxx

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