This Might Just Be The Cutest Magazine Ever: Gift Magazine

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I am putting my hands up and admitting I am a magazine addict. I read so many magazines that its pretty hard to impress me. Then I stumbled across Gift Magazine and at once knew I had to order it. Its a magical, whimsical magazine with lots of 3D features inside. I challenge anyone to buy this and not be inspired. Gift describe their magazine as:

“Gift magazine is

A Gift wrapped as a Magazine.

It is the first premium quarterly international women’s magazine for alpha females who are into inspiration, happiness and creativity.”

How sweet is that?! I found it really hard to photograph the magazine, I wanted to take pictures of every single page!  Even though it was a little expensive (about 25 dollars) it was so worth it. A quality magazine and I never mind paying a little more for an amazing product that makes me feel inspired and happy. I cant wait for the next one!

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Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. I know I’ve been awful at posting lately but I’m back on schedule now! Thank you all for being patient with me and you’ll hear from me very soon!

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