Tea Haul!

IMG_3067 2Ok I admit it. I am a tea addict. If you didn’t know this about me you will by the end of this post! Now I love your standard cup of black tea with a drop of milk, but lately I have gotten really into herbal and caffeine free tea. I had a matcha tea phase a couple of months ago and now I’m in love with two new brands of tea; Teapigs and The Bluebird Tea Co.

IMG_3071 2 IMG_3073 2When I first went to The Bluebird Tea Co a whole new world was opened to me. The world of festive teas! I admit I almost cried with excitement. Combining my love for Christmas and tea? It seemed nothing short of a miracle! Needless to say I made an order at once! I chose; Christmas Cake, Mulled Wine, Snowball and Gingerbread Chai. They ALL taste amazing! I love each and every one but I think my favourite is Snowball. It tastes of chocolate, marshmallow and coconut and actually has little marshmallow in with the tea leaves! The Bluebird Tea Co is based in Brighton and I’d love to visit someday as they do tea blending workshops!

I have wanted to try Teapigs for AGES now. And I finally found a great variety for sale in the Merrion Shopping Centre in Dublin. Unfourtunalty the shop didn’t stock any of Teapigs festive teas but I tried some other blends instead! I bought Peppermint tea and Chamomile tea and then little sample versions of Teapigs ChaiĀ  tea and Popcorn tea. I love how they sell samples of their tea as they have so many unique flavours that I want to try! You can buy a little pack of two teabags as way of an introduction! I love the Chamomile tea especially. It has full chamomile flowers in it and won a Great Taste Award! I shall definitely be repurchasing soon! Coming up to exams the Chamomile tea was a real lifesaver!

If there are any tea lovers out there give these brands a go! You wont be disappointed!


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