Halloween Lush Haul

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1. Wizard Bubble Bar 2. Lord of Misrule 3. Fairy Ring Soap 4. Yog Nog Soap 5. Sparkler 6 .Sparkly Pumpkin

I sort of live for Lush’s Autumn/Winter releases. This may make me sad in some people’s eyes but it makes me so very happy! So Last friday was release day and before I went to the Lush shop I swore to myself I would only buy their Halloween products and stay far away from all the beautiful Christmas treats. I tried to keep my promise, I really did. I quickly stuffed all five of their Halloween products into my basket and happily spent the next half an hour sniffing the christmassy goodness. I totally caved and bought a small few Christmas goodies! My favourite of the Halloween collection is the adorable little sparkly pumpkin which smells as good as it looks! And from the christmas selection I couldn’t leave without Yog Nog soap, its smells of warm spicy baking an I just want to eat it! Have a look at the Lush website to find out more about these products!

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I’ll pick up the rest of the products closer to Christmas but I really couldn’t resist these three little beauties! Sure why not, life is too short to deny yourself some harmless bath products! Here we have First Snow a dusting powder with a beautiful orange citrus scent, Hot Toddy a shower gel with such a christmassy spicy smell that warms you up in the shower! And lastly So White which is a shower gel with the same fragrance as the lush christmas bathbomb So white. It has a lovely crisp apple scent and is slightly shimmery!

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In Love With Pixy

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I love trying out new beauty brands, and even better if they’re Irish! Pixy is a natural Irish beauty brand that started off on Dragons Den! I had tried out their bath bombs before but now I wanted to properly delve into the brand. I went to the Pixy shop in Cork and had a chat with the very friendly lady helped me pick out some products to try! If you want to see any of their products check out their website here!

1. Almond Milk Face Scrub

This is a nourishing gentle face scrub. The first thing I noticed was the almost overpowering scent of almonds, which I love but my mother found too strong. Its full of super ingredients like apricot oil, jojoba oil, buttermilk powder and yogurt powder. My face was so soft afterwards and smelled so yummy! A lot of my facial exfoliators are quiet harsh so it was nice to try something that was gentle and soothing for a change. Pixy also do a strawberry face scrub too which I’d love to try!

2. Glowing Body Butter

I absolutely adore this product. It has a divine jasmine scent and a whipped light as air texture. As soon as you put in on your skin in melts into it and if sinks into the skin beautifully. It feels like such a treat to apply. It’s supposed to give your skin a glow and while I’m not sure about that it does leaving your skin feeling soft, looking healthy and smelling beautiful. It’s also super nourishing and contains delicious sounding ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and apricot oil. I actually cant wait to use this up and buy another!

3. Lime Sorbet Shower Moose

This is such a lovely addition to any shower obsessives collection! Lime is by no means my favourite scent but I was looking for something to use in the morning to perk me up! Its lovely and refreshing and lathers up really easily. Also a little bit really goes a long way! I’d like to try this out in another scent like pineapple or coconut. And when this is all used up I still have a lovely container to fill with pretty things for my dresser! Win win!

4. Solid Foot Scrub

I don’t really pay my feet much attention. As long as they don’t smell and my shoes don’t hurt I tend to forget about them. When I saw the solid foot scrub I sort of guilted myself into picking it up to encourage me into giving my feet some much-needed attention! It does what is says on the tin, exfoliated and softened my feet. hopefully I’ll keep using this to get my poor soles back to tip-top condition!

5. Lime Body Scub Cubes

This is my favourite of all the Pixy products I tried. They are just fab! They come in a pack of six tied up with a gold bow! I used one all over my legs and body and I think I’ll get another three goes out of it so a pack of six will last ages. The top and sides of the cubes are exfoliating while the bottom is soft and buttery so you can exfoliate and soften at the same time. My skin feels like a dream after using them. They’re also advertised as a great fake tan remover. While I don’t use fake tan they might be worth trying out for those that do! I will 100% be getting more of these as soon as I run out!

My Favourite Lush Products

Lush is my all time favourite shop. I have tried probably all of their products and fallen in love with most of them. Going into the shop is always such a happy experience. The staff is always so friendly and helpful. It can also be a little overwhelming if you haven’t shopped there before with all the colors and smells hitting you at once. So I am going to go through my all time favourite products and whether you are a Lush newbie or an old timer like me, I hope you will find this list helpful! If you want to read any more about any of these products here is a link to the Lush UK website!


Mask of Magnaminty


I would honestly panic if this were not in my beauty cabinet! This face mask is fantastic. It looks and feels like an old school mask with a slightly tingly sensation and green color. It smells like yummy chocolate peppermint and is so refreshing on the skin. I use this if my skin is feeling a little angry or if I feel a breakout coming. You leave it on your skin for about ten minuets and as you was it off it gently exfoliates the skin. I fell like it really  soothes and wakes up my skin! It’s just a good general face mask! 


Big Shampoo

This is my once a week, deep cleanse shampoo. I LOVE IT! I love the smell, I love the texture! It’s not for the faint-hearted though as its chock full of chunky sea salt, which I adore but some people do not! It lathers brilliantly and a little goes a long way, which I love in a shampoo. Its volumizing and smells so fresh, like lemons and coconuts. Its fun and hardworking and just makes me smile when I use it! Another bonus is that your scalp gets a good scrub when you use it!


Aqua Mirabilis


This is one hard-working body butter! It exfoliates and softens your skin to perfection! Its has such a warming comforting scent, like home baking. It leaves your skin smooth and silky without leaving it greasy. I find it more exfoliating than Lush’s top-selling body butter Buffy (which is still beautiful). I use this all over and especially work it into my rough spots!


Tuca Tuca


I love this Lush perfumes. I have both the traditional bottle and the solid perfume. When I first smelled this the girl in Lush told me it was supposed to evoke a 1920’s party feel. Ever since that it reminds me of a carefree Gatsby-esque summer evening. I am in love with this scent. It has notes of violet leaf, vanilla, sandalwood, cassie and ylang ylang. It’s very romantic. So my only problem with this is the liquid perfume. I have to spray it before I get dressed or it stains my lighter colored clothes purple. This has also happened with another Lush perfume. So I mostly use the solid version during the day. The solid perfumes are really strong and not near as expensive as a bottle of scent. I own about 10 of these and there are always a few floating around in my handbag which explains why it looks so worn!


Ro’s Argon Body Conditioner


This is a conditioner for your body that you use as you would a hair conditioner. It is massaged into damp skin and then lightly rinsed off. The smell is so intoxicating I cannot stop sniffing it! It has a warm rose scent. This is the perfect product to use if you’re in a rush and don’t have time to moisture after your shower. Basically a godsend! It contains argon oil, cocoa butter, Shea butter, Brazil nut oil and almond oil. What a beautiful list of ingredients! This leaves your skin looking, feeling and smelling heavenly!


Let the Good Times Roll


I fell in love with this cleanser when it was just a Christmas exclusive and was so over excited when it was made permanent. It can be weird putting something that feels and smells so sugary on your skin but it’s so worth it! It smells like sweet and buttery popcorn. It exfoliates with maize flour and is so softening. It  leaves my skin feeling velvety smooth and plump. The only problem is trying to stop myself from eating it! It’s not for people who don’t like sweet-smelling products. But if you do love this scent try Popcorn Lip Scrub. It has the same smell and you get to lick your lips after putting it onto your lips!


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