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Hello and happy Sunday my darlings! I hope you have all had a lovely relaxing day and are now preparing for the week ahead! This is a new feature where I’ll share what I got up to for the week, what I wore, ate, read ect! I hop you all enjoy it!

  • I really got back into instagram this week, especially taking outfit shots. I’m enjoying the last of summer by wearing as much pink as possible!

  • Ive been reading the loveliest blogs you simply have to check out! A Girl A Style and mrsalice.

  • I went home for the weekend and so enjoyed a few days of food being cooked for me and going on lovely walks.

  • I found a new website I cant wait to order some clothes from! Its called Cabbages and Roses. I particularly love this dress and this coat.

  • I shopped move than I have in months so I think I’ll do a haul very soon. Though looking at my purchases about 90% of them are navy. I think I need help.


Irish Beauty Blog Awards


Last Thursday I attended the Irish Beauty Blog Awards. I was blown away when I was nominated for the Best New Blog award. Although I didn’t win it was incredible  to be a finalist and to go to such a lovely event. It was held in the famous Lilles Bordello. Inside there was a chocolate fountain, cupcake stands, the most delicious finger food, champagne and full of fabulous people wearing fashionable outfits. AND the goodie bags were AMAZING, full of fab beauty  products, I wore a dress by Needle and Thread and I LOVE it! This is the second event I have wore a Needle and Thread dress to, I think I found my new go to brand! I love how simple and sweet it is. I felt very pretty and Summery wearing it! And look at the beading on the shoulders, stunning!

IMG_4789 IMG_4781

IMG_4760I  love blogging so much. Its amazing to be nominated for basically just doing what you love and for what is essentially a hobby. I don’t know if I say this often but thank you to each and every one of you readers. I still find it incredible that there are people out three who read this who are not just my mother! Love to you all! xxx



What I Wore: Winter College Outfit

IMG_3625 2Greetings my lovelies! What is this? Another outfit post! I started this blog to document lots of things that make me happy. Well one of my first loves is style and dressing up every day. I actually cannot put into words how much I love putting an outfit together. Taking inspiration from other fashion lovers or just going with my gut and breaking the rules, making quiet a few fashion fauz pas along the way. This is an outfit I wore to college during the week. It has been freezing so yes I did wear a massive coat over it!IMG_3581 2 IMG_3630 2 IMG_3628 2I’m wearing a skirt that I bought it Dressed in Bandon, shirt is from Jack Wills, tights from H&M, bag Louis Vuitton, necklace by Ardmore Jewellery and my boots from Ash.

IMG_3606 2Shirts tucked into skirts have saved my life this Autumn/Winter. They have become that really easy combo for those mornings you wake up late for college! Before I go I wanted to let you all know I have been shortlisted for my first ever blog competition! I am speechless with excitement! I can’t believe after only six months of blogging how much this little site has grown. I still have to pinch myself that anyone reads my little space of the internet! Thank you to every single one of you. Now mushy stuff aside, I’ll be back Sunday with another post! Until then stay warm!


What I Wore: Winter Shopping Trip!

IMG_3312Hello my dears! It has be SO long since I did an outfit post. Too long! With it being too dark before I leave for college and being dark when I’m home again in the evenings I have found it pretty hard. But this weekend I was going shopping and thought why not take some pictures before I left! I almost forgot how fun it was! Its always fun dressing up after Christmas when you have new gifts and sales shopping to wear!IMG_3317 3 IMG_3327 3Today I wore a dress I picked up in the sales in Jack Wills before Christmas. I love it! I wear a lot of navy during winter. I don’t really wear any black so for me navy is my black! My cardigan was “borrowed” from my mother, its quiet old but it’s from a brand called Ann Balon, I think it’s a mother of the bride type of brand! My boots are by Ash and I bought them in a shop in Bandon in Cork called Dressed. Dressed is an adorable boutique, I would recommend anyone from or passing through that neck of the woods go check it out! It stocks amazing brands like Odd Molly. My bag is by Celine bought in Brown Thomas and was a very generous Christmas gift!

IMG_3341 2 IMG_3346 2These boots are seriously amazing. I walked round the city all day in them and they were beyond comfortable! I have been listening to blogger and vlogger Vivianna Does Makeup rave about them for ages and she was definitely right!

I’ll hopefully have another post up during the week so keep an eye out! And now to leave you with a little quote I love: “And those who were seen dancing were tought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” Friedrich Nietzsch.



Autumn Weekend Outfits

IMG_2436IMG_2430 IMG_2424So as Autumn is over I thought I’d share with you some of the outfits I have loved wearing! This first look is so standard Isabel. It’s all cream and gold with pearls and frills. I’m so predictable! Though what was new for me was wearing a playsuit! I have never owned one before and when I saw this one in Abercrombie and Fitch I had to have it! It really doesn’t scream A&F does it? It’s very delicate and light but I can wear it all year round by wearing it with lots of cosy layers! I adore the gold cut out jacket. It was a gift from Avoca last Christmas and it has become one of my wardrobe favourites.

Jacket: Hoss Intropia, Playsuit: Abercrombie and Fitch, Cardigan: Miss Daisy Blue, Tights: H&M, Shoes: Kurt Geiger.

IMG_2529 IMG_2502 IMG_2542I call this next look my Autumn outfit! Just look at those colours! I never thought Id be drawn to this type of dress, but when I saw it online I had to have it! I bought it from Asos marketplace from one of my favourite bloggers in the whole world, Carrie from WishWishWish. I wear this dress a few times every Autumn and then put it away for the rest of the year. Plus it has a collar, and I’m a sucker for a cute collar.

Dress: Asos Market place, Tights: H&M, Shoes: Kurt Geiger.

IMG_2756 22

IMG_2728My final look is combining one of the oldest pieces in my wardrobe with the newest! I’m wearing a dress I bought from the Portobello market seven years ago and a blazer from Cath Kidston I bought last week! I’m head over heels in love with Cath Kidston clothing at the moment and I really couldn’t leave the shop without the blazer. The print is beautiful and I love the colours. I bought it to go over my navy winter dresses (which I have a lot of) To try brighten them up! There is also a dress to go with the jacket in the same print that might sneak its way into my wardrobe soon!

Dress: Portobello Market, Blazer: Cath Kidston, Shoes: Pretty Ballerina, Bag: Louis Vuitton