New Lush Haul!

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Hello darlings! I know I’ve been a little absent for the last while, but what better way to get back into the swing of things than with a Lush haul?! So as many of you are aware Lush have launched 60 new products and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a few of them to try out. I spent over an hour sniffing round the store and settled on these few products to try out.

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Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair: This shower gel has the same scent as my favourite Lush perfume Cocktail which is now not in production. It has the most heavenly scent of jasmine, rose and lavender. My absolute favourite of all the new products. Its as sophisticated and classy as a shower gel can be!

Beautiful: This is a real morning shower sort of shower gel. Its uplifting and refreshing. It has the most beautiful golden yellow colour with specks of glitter in it! Its fruity yet musky with hints of peaches and apricots.

Don’t Rain On My Parade: Its made from blueberry juice, my favourite fruit, what more needs to be said?!That combined with the vanilla and violet infusions makes for a comforting bewitching shower gel that is totally addictive. Once in the shower you really get to experience the violets and its woody undertones.

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Salted Coconut: This is supposed to be a hand scrub but I have used this on my whole body, it smells far to delicious to keep only for my hands. As the name suggests it has a delicious coconut scent and the scrubs base is sea salt. It is they type of product that really sums up summertime and brings back lovely memories of being on holidays

 93,000 Miles: If you haven’t tried a shower jelly from Lush go do it now. They are so much fun! Its literally like tipping a miniature jelly into your hands and using it to was your body. You can also keep it in the freezer for an extra lovely experience. This jelly is amazing if you have sore or tired muscles. It has peppermint and a strong cinnamon scent to it, which is right up my alley, those spicy scents are among  my favourites!

Cup O’ Coffee: I love a new face mask from Lush. And as much as I love their fresh face masks it’s great to have a second more long lasting mask along with Mask of Magnaminty. Obviously is has a strong coffee and is the perfect morning mask as it makes the skin brighter and more invigorated. I love this so much as I can’t stand the taste of coffee but love the smell!

The Rough With The Smooth: Lush’s scrub bars are actually amazing and with no packaging super good for the environment. I’m very loyal to Aqua Mirabillis but this smelt so good I couldn’t wait to give it a go! It has the same scent as Lord of Misrule which if anyone remembers is a limited edition Halloween bath bomb. It is a sugar based scrub which is sometimes not as harsh as salt scrubs if you have delicate skin!

I hope if you haven’t by now tried some of Lush’s new products you will drop what you’re doing and run to the nearest store. It can be a little overwhelming if you’re not very familiar with Lush. Just wander around sniffing every product until you find one you don’t want to put down! The staff are also among the friendliest and most helpful I have ever come across. If you haven’t tried any Lush products before check out my post on my Favourite Lush Products!


January Favorites!

IMG_3503 2January has come to an end. As we always say at this time, where has the month gone? New Years Eve and the end of the holidays seem so long ago! I feel like I have really loved my favorites this month. Every product has proved itself to me and I am truly happy to recommend all of them! This is going to be a long one so sit comfortably, get a cup of tea and enjoy!

Can I start with the most exciting and my favorite of all the favorites?! I think I shall! This beautiful pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. They were a very generous Christmas gift and I still cant quite believe they’re mine! I had two events over Christmas and I was wearing the same navy dress to both. Only problem was I don’t really own many heels. I am a flats girl through and through. I couldn’t find any navy shoes that suited and when I found these I fell in love. I was the happiest girl in the world when they we under the Christmas tree!

I went on a little trip to boots and picked some products. Firstly two lip products Revlon Lip Butter in the shade Candy Apple and also Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick in the shade Hot Pepper. These are two very different lip products. Revlon lip butter is so moisturizing and  adds a lovely red sheen to my lips. Its a really good every day lip products. The Bourjouis is wow though. Its so deeply pigmented and honestly lasts for so long. I wore this for a night out where I wasn’t home until four in the morning and it was still on my lips! And I love the deep red shade! I also picked up a Collection 2000 concealer. I have heard so much about this over the years I thought It was finally time to try it out. I am so glad I did. I use it under my eyes and also on blemishes. Usually I use two different products for my eye and blemishes but this worked fabulously on both. I had an unfortunately spotty month and this saved my life. Plus its ridiculously cheap!

Other faves have been Origins Ginzing Energy refreshing moisturizer. A lovely light morning moisturizer. They also have other products in this range I need to try out! I got my first ever Urban Decay Naked palette. I chose Naked 2 and I’m not quiet sure how I lived without it? I am majorly behind the times with this one. I have been saying I must pick one up for years and just never have. I don’t think I can ever be without it now!

I repurchased one of my favorite old perfumes Naughty Alice by Vivianne Westwood. One of my favorite designers makes one of my favorite perfumes. Bliss. It brings back lovely memories! No favorites list would be complete without a Lush product. This months Lush pick is a shaving soap called D’Fluff. Smells like marshmallows and strawberries and leave my skin silky smooth, enough said!

Another exciting addition to my beauty collection was this limited edition Bobbi Brown brush set. As soon as it was released with their Christmas collection I knew I had to have it! The brushes are divine and the case they come in is so luxurious. This has been in my handbag since I got it!

Lastly is a book. Not just any book, the best cookbook EVER. The Extra Virgin Kitchen by Susan Jane White. This has sort of changed my life. Healthy eating without sacrificing flavor. The dishes are exciting and the recipes so simple that even a hopeless cook like me can whip up delicious dishes! I might even share a few of the recipes I have tried in a blog post!

Phew that was a lot of typing! I hope you managed to get through all that and maybe some of you are inspired to try out a new product or two! Stay happy and fabulous my darlings!

December Lush Haul!

IMG_3087Hello everyone! I receantly made a trip to Lush and I thought I’d show you what I picked up! A very generous person gave me a gift voucher for Lush for my birthday and I just got around to using it!

IMG_3091 2I picked up some festive limited editions, new products and old favourites! I bought three bath bombs and a bath melt all part of the Christmas range! Golden Wonder is the pretty bath bomb shaped as a gift with a bow! It is the most exciting bath bomb EVER! It rattles when you shake it and there is  lot of glitter and other surprises inside! Its smells of lovely uplifting oranges! Then there is Luxury Lush Pud. This has a multitude of colour that it releases and smells of ylang ylang and lavender. My absolute favourite bath bomb however is Cinders! It crackles when dropped in the bath and is warming and smells of spices! Lastly in this category is Snow Angel bath melt! I havent tried this before. A bath melt is more moisturising than  bath bomb. It doest really fizz it just melts away an leaves the bath beautiful and soft! Snow Angel has lots of glitter in it too and smells of marzipan!

IMG_3097IMG_3094 2IMG_3119Next we have Mask of Magnamity an amazing face mask I spoke about in my first ever post! Then Buche de Noel facial cleanser which is so wonderful it was featured in my November favourites!

Now for three new products I had never tried before! Firstly Jason and the Argon Oil. This is a shampoo bar. It’s a lovely alternative to bottled shampoo. You rub it in your hair and lather it up! Lush has a wide range of these shampoo bars to suit all hair types!

Lastly are two relatively new massage bars Pearl and Shades of Earl Grey. I love using these after a shower as a moisturizer. Pearl has  lovely scent the same as Rose Jam and Earl Grey, surprise surprise smells like earl grey tea!

I hope you all enjoyed seeing what I picked up from Lush, hope you’re all looking forward to Christmas!


Christmas Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers Under €20

5254fb025b0edd1a797679b34d1890eaHello everyone! In my opinion it’s officially appropriate to be excited for Christmas! For everyone in Ireland Christmas FM starts tomorrow and I can barely contain my excitement! I thought I’d do a Christmas gift guide with a few sections. I’ll begin with stocking fillers and keep everything under twenty euro. So this section is perfect for all us those broke students out there, Secret Santa or anyone who doesn’t want to spend a fortune but still wants beautiful gifts!

Crazy Cat Lady Mug, Urban Outfitters. €13.00 2. Grey Tartan Check Scarf River Island. €20.oo. 3. Star Grips, Accessorize. €9.90. 4. Glazed Apple Treat Box, The Body Shop. €9.95. 5. Clifton Rose Foldaway Tote, Cath Kidston. €18.00. 6. Magnificent Seven, Bare Minerals. €20  7. Pink Bangle. H&M. €7.56. 8. Wool Hat. H&M €19.00. 9. Crystal Art Deco Alice Band, Accessorize. €20.00. 10. Soap for the Best, Soap and Glory. €12.50. 11. Donkey Products Tea Bags, Harvey Nichols. €9.94. 12. Truffles Gift Set, Charbonnel + Walker. €20.00. 13. Birdie Swing Tea Infuser, QDO. €12.00. 14. Soap Set, Avoca. €17.00.

Other ideas that are always winners are sunggly slippers. Everyone loves having new slippers at christmas! Try Primark/Pennys for budget options! For Coffee and Tea lovers Starbucks brought some beautiful glittery gift this year with loads of wallet friendly options. Another option is Lush gift sets. They have so many that there are ones for every budget and preference. I think Lush is one of the best gift you can give someone special! With little gifts on a small budget it’s really the thought that counts so keep in mind who you are buying for and try to make it as special as possible. And don’t forget the power of the homemade gift. Whatever your talent is, if possible turn it into a gift! If you are at all crafty check out A Beautiful Mess which is an amazing blog with loads of easy craft ideas from cooking to sewing to woodwork and tonnes more!

Happy shopping everyone and I’ll be back soon with a higher end gift guide!

Halloween Lush Haul

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1. Wizard Bubble Bar 2. Lord of Misrule 3. Fairy Ring Soap 4. Yog Nog Soap 5. Sparkler 6 .Sparkly Pumpkin

I sort of live for Lush’s Autumn/Winter releases. This may make me sad in some people’s eyes but it makes me so very happy! So Last friday was release day and before I went to the Lush shop I swore to myself I would only buy their Halloween products and stay far away from all the beautiful Christmas treats. I tried to keep my promise, I really did. I quickly stuffed all five of their Halloween products into my basket and happily spent the next half an hour sniffing the christmassy goodness. I totally caved and bought a small few Christmas goodies! My favourite of the Halloween collection is the adorable little sparkly pumpkin which smells as good as it looks! And from the christmas selection I couldn’t leave without Yog Nog soap, its smells of warm spicy baking an I just want to eat it! Have a look at the Lush website to find out more about these products!

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I’ll pick up the rest of the products closer to Christmas but I really couldn’t resist these three little beauties! Sure why not, life is too short to deny yourself some harmless bath products! Here we have First Snow a dusting powder with a beautiful orange citrus scent, Hot Toddy a shower gel with such a christmassy spicy smell that warms you up in the shower! And lastly So White which is a shower gel with the same fragrance as the lush christmas bathbomb So white. It has a lovely crisp apple scent and is slightly shimmery!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Check out my instagram for more peeks into my everyday life!