Voya Get Glowing Mask


I have a long standing love of Voya, a seaweed based Irish beauty brand. So when Voya contacted me to see if I wanted to try out their new face mask my obvious answer was YES PLEASE!

I love clay masks and with this one designed to help dull tired skin it is right up my alley. Living in a city, not getting enough sleep and sometimes surviving on takeaway (don’t judge me) all takes it’s toll on my skin and some days I wake up and think WHAT HAPPENED, why are you so dull and grey skin? These are the days I reach for a good old face mask.



With Voya Get Glowing clay mask you spread it all over your face, leave it for 10 minutes and the rub it off, gently exfoliating as you go. It tingled a bit when I first put it on my skin and it really felt like all the lovely ingredients were working. It contains Patchouli for regeneration. rosemary to moisturise and seaweed to detoxify, hydrate and add glow.

Before using the mask however I like to cleanse my skin with my current favourite Cast Away by Voya. This cleanser was used on me during a facial a few months ago and I couldn’t leave the spa without one of my own. I had been having problems with breakouts and blackheads and this cleanser has worked miracles as it’s anti bacterial.


Living by the sea I adore any products produced by the sea or containing a lot of seaweed or sea based ingredients. Also I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful spa in my tiny village, The Well in The Cliff House Hotel, where they do a lot of Voya based treatments. My favourite being the Voya Organic illuminating facial. Anyone in the West Waterford area I definitely recommend you try it out!

Get Glowing Mask is available online and in selected stores and spas.


In Love With Pixy

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I love trying out new beauty brands, and even better if they’re Irish! Pixy is a natural Irish beauty brand that started off on Dragons Den! I had tried out their bath bombs before but now I wanted to properly delve into the brand. I went to the Pixy shop in Cork and had a chat with the very friendly lady helped me pick out some products to try! If you want to see any of their products check out their website here!

1. Almond Milk Face Scrub

This is a nourishing gentle face scrub. The first thing I noticed was the almost overpowering scent of almonds, which I love but my mother found too strong. Its full of super ingredients like apricot oil, jojoba oil, buttermilk powder and yogurt powder. My face was so soft afterwards and smelled so yummy! A lot of my facial exfoliators are quiet harsh so it was nice to try something that was gentle and soothing for a change. Pixy also do a strawberry face scrub too which I’d love to try!

2. Glowing Body Butter

I absolutely adore this product. It has a divine jasmine scent and a whipped light as air texture. As soon as you put in on your skin in melts into it and if sinks into the skin beautifully. It feels like such a treat to apply. It’s supposed to give your skin a glow and while I’m not sure about that it does leaving your skin feeling soft, looking healthy and smelling beautiful. It’s also super nourishing and contains delicious sounding ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and apricot oil. I actually cant wait to use this up and buy another!

3. Lime Sorbet Shower Moose

This is such a lovely addition to any shower obsessives collection! Lime is by no means my favourite scent but I was looking for something to use in the morning to perk me up! Its lovely and refreshing and lathers up really easily. Also a little bit really goes a long way! I’d like to try this out in another scent like pineapple or coconut. And when this is all used up I still have a lovely container to fill with pretty things for my dresser! Win win!

4. Solid Foot Scrub

I don’t really pay my feet much attention. As long as they don’t smell and my shoes don’t hurt I tend to forget about them. When I saw the solid foot scrub I sort of guilted myself into picking it up to encourage me into giving my feet some much-needed attention! It does what is says on the tin, exfoliated and softened my feet. hopefully I’ll keep using this to get my poor soles back to tip-top condition!

5. Lime Body Scub Cubes

This is my favourite of all the Pixy products I tried. They are just fab! They come in a pack of six tied up with a gold bow! I used one all over my legs and body and I think I’ll get another three goes out of it so a pack of six will last ages. The top and sides of the cubes are exfoliating while the bottom is soft and buttery so you can exfoliate and soften at the same time. My skin feels like a dream after using them. They’re also advertised as a great fake tan remover. While I don’t use fake tan they might be worth trying out for those that do! I will 100% be getting more of these as soon as I run out!