Voya Get Glowing Mask


I have a long standing love of Voya, a seaweed based Irish beauty brand. So when Voya contacted me to see if I wanted to try out their new face mask my obvious answer was YES PLEASE!

I love clay masks and with this one designed to help dull tired skin it is right up my alley. Living in a city, not getting enough sleep and sometimes surviving on takeaway (don’t judge me) all takes it’s toll on my skin and some days I wake up and think WHAT HAPPENED, why are you so dull and grey skin? These are the days I reach for a good old face mask.



With Voya Get Glowing clay mask you spread it all over your face, leave it for 10 minutes and the rub it off, gently exfoliating as you go. It tingled a bit when I first put it on my skin and it really felt like all the lovely ingredients were working. It contains Patchouli for regeneration. rosemary to moisturise and seaweed to detoxify, hydrate and add glow.

Before using the mask however I like to cleanse my skin with my current favourite Cast Away by Voya. This cleanser was used on me during a facial a few months ago and I couldn’t leave the spa without one of my own. I had been having problems with breakouts and blackheads and this cleanser has worked miracles as it’s anti bacterial.


Living by the sea I adore any products produced by the sea or containing a lot of seaweed or sea based ingredients. Also I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful spa in my tiny village, The Well in The Cliff House Hotel, where they do a lot of Voya based treatments. My favourite being the Voya Organic illuminating facial. Anyone in the West Waterford area I definitely recommend you try it out!

Get Glowing Mask is available online and in selected stores and spas.


December Lush Haul!

IMG_3087Hello everyone! I receantly made a trip to Lush and I thought I’d show you what I picked up! A very generous person gave me a gift voucher for Lush for my birthday and I just got around to using it!

IMG_3091 2I picked up some festive limited editions, new products and old favourites! I bought three bath bombs and a bath melt all part of the Christmas range! Golden Wonder is the pretty bath bomb shaped as a gift with a bow! It is the most exciting bath bomb EVER! It rattles when you shake it and there is  lot of glitter and other surprises inside! Its smells of lovely uplifting oranges! Then there is Luxury Lush Pud. This has a multitude of colour that it releases and smells of ylang ylang and lavender. My absolute favourite bath bomb however is Cinders! It crackles when dropped in the bath and is warming and smells of spices! Lastly in this category is Snow Angel bath melt! I havent tried this before. A bath melt is more moisturising than  bath bomb. It doest really fizz it just melts away an leaves the bath beautiful and soft! Snow Angel has lots of glitter in it too and smells of marzipan!

IMG_3097IMG_3094 2IMG_3119Next we have Mask of Magnamity an amazing face mask I spoke about in my first ever post! Then Buche de Noel facial cleanser which is so wonderful it was featured in my November favourites!

Now for three new products I had never tried before! Firstly Jason and the Argon Oil. This is a shampoo bar. It’s a lovely alternative to bottled shampoo. You rub it in your hair and lather it up! Lush has a wide range of these shampoo bars to suit all hair types!

Lastly are two relatively new massage bars Pearl and Shades of Earl Grey. I love using these after a shower as a moisturizer. Pearl has  lovely scent the same as Rose Jam and Earl Grey, surprise surprise smells like earl grey tea!

I hope you all enjoyed seeing what I picked up from Lush, hope you’re all looking forward to Christmas!


October Favourites

IMG_2792 2Hello my lovelies! October really has flown and now it is time for my second monthly favourites segment! October has been a blur. College has been so busy, between finishing garments and entering my first competition I have barely had time to breath! I hope November is a little more calm! I’ll be spending most of November doing exam revision, yay (not)! I have been wearing very little make up so suncream has been very important to my beauty regime. I love this La Roche-Posay factor 50 sun scream. I have worn it everyday. Also in my experience whenever I ask anyone why their skin is amazing the answer is wearing sun cream every day!

I love my plummy lip stains and that’s what Autumn lips are all about! I particularly have loved this YSL one and a cheaper version, New York Scene by Revlon! Both such perfect Autumn shades and the Revlon stain is very moisturizing.

Next an old favourite and a new one. Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir is my all time favourite perfume. I put it away for the summer months and then out it comes in full force as soon as Autumn hits! It’s a fruity, sophisticated scent and a Jo Malone classic! A new fave is Topshop’s Highlighter in Sunbeam. I had never tried Topshop make up before and picked this up on a whim and boy an I glad I did! It adds such a lovely glow to my cheekbones! Its buildable so can be very subtle or make your cheekbones shine at night! I will definitely be trying out more of Topshops selection!

The last beauty item I have been loving is the Stroke of Light eye brightener by Bare Minerals. I’m lucky I don’t get bags or dark circles under my eyes but it doesn’t hurt to look a little more fresh after a late night! It blends really easily into my skin and leaves me looking bright-eyed and ready for the day!

IMG_2783 2 IMG_2800 22Now  to random favourites. I think my overall favourite of the month has to be my rain boots. The weather has been awful here in Dublin so I wear these glorious boots into college everyday! I bought them in Dungarven in Waterford and it was the best purchase ever! I get loads of compliments and my other shoes are in better condition as I’m destroying them in the rain!

Ah Bee Pollen, why is it only now I have discovered you? It goes in my porridge, smoothies or as a little spoonful straight into my mouth! It’s a great source of protein and contains folic acid and amino acids. A lovely addition to my health food stocks!

Lastly is the most adorable pair of earrings ever I rarely stray from wearing the same few pieces of jewellery everyday so if a piece of jewellery makes it to my favourites list it’s going to be special. My mother brought these back from a holiday as a little gift (best mother ever) and I just love them to pieces. Anything with little pearls on them is a winner in my books!

I hope you have enjoyed having a look at what I have been loving this month! November is my birthday month I have a feeling it’s going to contain some pretty exciting favourites! I hope you all had a lovely October and will have an even better November!

Halloween Lush Haul

IMG_2270 2

1. Wizard Bubble Bar 2. Lord of Misrule 3. Fairy Ring Soap 4. Yog Nog Soap 5. Sparkler 6 .Sparkly Pumpkin

I sort of live for Lush’s Autumn/Winter releases. This may make me sad in some people’s eyes but it makes me so very happy! So Last friday was release day and before I went to the Lush shop I swore to myself I would only buy their Halloween products and stay far away from all the beautiful Christmas treats. I tried to keep my promise, I really did. I quickly stuffed all five of their Halloween products into my basket and happily spent the next half an hour sniffing the christmassy goodness. I totally caved and bought a small few Christmas goodies! My favourite of the Halloween collection is the adorable little sparkly pumpkin which smells as good as it looks! And from the christmas selection I couldn’t leave without Yog Nog soap, its smells of warm spicy baking an I just want to eat it! Have a look at the Lush website to find out more about these products!

IMG_2261 2

I’ll pick up the rest of the products closer to Christmas but I really couldn’t resist these three little beauties! Sure why not, life is too short to deny yourself some harmless bath products! Here we have First Snow a dusting powder with a beautiful orange citrus scent, Hot Toddy a shower gel with such a christmassy spicy smell that warms you up in the shower! And lastly So White which is a shower gel with the same fragrance as the lush christmas bathbomb So white. It has a lovely crisp apple scent and is slightly shimmery!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Check out my instagram for more peeks into my everyday life!

September Favourites!


As soon as I started blogging I couldnt wait to do monthly favourites. They’re one of the features I look forward to most on other peoples blogs! So at last heres is my first monthly favourites feature! For anyone who hasnt seen this sort of thing before it’s basically a round up of all the things you enjoyed using most in a month! I hope you all enjoy it as I absolutely loved putting it together!

  1. Home Sweet Home Yanke Candle: I am a Yankee Candle addict! There I said it! I think their selection of scents cant be beat! Home sweet Home is the perfect transition scent from Summer to Autumn. Its warm and spicy without being too christmassy! According to Yankee it smells of cinnamon, vanilla, baking spices and freshly poured tea. Now if that description doesnt make you want to go buy one I dont know what will! Its such a warm, comforting smell, perfect for these long evenings!

2. Rub Rub Rub: This is one of those products I used from Lush ages ago and kind of forgot about it! I ran out of my usual exfoiator and found this hidden in my Lush stash and fell back in love with it! I really enjoy a good scrub in the shower so I have been using this non stop all month. Its full of sea salt and has a very uplifting citrusy smell. Its not very harsh as far as sea salt exfoliators go and I feel so moisturised after. More gentle than lush’s Ocean Salt.

  1. Honey Buns: I love, love, love this shower gel! For me Philosophy can do no wrong. I adore so many of their products and use a lot of their shower gels. This one is always my Autumn favourite. It has the nicest comforting homely smell of honey and brown sugar and baking. Its not too sweet either, I find it very rich and warm. I also use the matching moisturiser after my shower. I stocked up on Honey Buns for half price at TK Maxx so keep a look out for it there!

  2. Hair Clip: This is from the gift shop at the Horse and Jockey Hotel. I have been looking for a perfect hairclip for so long now and I finally found one! I usually just take a bit of my hair in the clip, back comb it a little and then sweep it up with the clip. Then hair is done for the day! It just looks so much prettier than using my usual old hair ties. Im using it in an outfit post I’ll be putting up later this week so you can see it in action then!

IMG_2115 2


5. Wild Olive Bath Tea bags: These are the cutest little bath soaks ever! I love tea and I love baths so its a perfet combination! I also bought these in the Horse and Jockey gift shop but you can also order them online! They’re full of sea salt and essential oils. The scent I bought was lime, himalayan cedarwood and green tea. It was realy moisturising and calming. Perfect to use after a long day at college! I’m going to order more online once I’ve used these up!

  1. YSL Fusion Ink Foundation: I’m always on the hunt for new foundations. I try an awful lot of them out as so many dont sit right on my skin or do shades light enough for me. I really think I hit the foundation jackpot with this though. There was so much hype when this was launched and even waiting lists for it. Crazy right?! But now that I’ve tried it I really do see what the fuss is about. I think its by far the best foundation I’ve tried in years. It matches my skin tone perfectly. The formula is so buildable that It can be used for a day of night wear. It has great staying power and helps mattify my  always shiney skin. I have finally found my holy grail foundation!

  2. Benefits’s Gimme Brow: I never used brow products until I picked this up on a whim. It has actually changed how I feel about the whole eyebrow grooming ordeal. Its quick and you can’t actually mess it up! I feel like it has given my whole face more defenition. So happy I tried it!

  3. Sexy Mother Pucker: I have this in the shade Plum Jam and it’s such a lovely Autumn colour. I wear this to college all the time. Its very quick and wasy to apply. The kind of lip product you dont need  a mirror to use. Its moistuising and the lasting power is better than I expected it to be. Saop and Glory can do no wrong!

  4. Tangle Teezer. Finally I have one! I kept meaning to pick one of these up and always forgot! Now I dont know how I lived without it. I have really fine delicate hair that gets tangled very easily and falls out quite easily too. This just takes the battle out of brushing my hair every morning and I find much less of my hair comes out when I brush. It’s also used on dry and wet hair which I find really convinient! I can really see what all the hype was about when they first came out! I bought mine from Space NK. But most pharmacies do them.