October Favourites

IMG_2792 2Hello my lovelies! October really has flown and now it is time for my second monthly favourites segment! October has been a blur. College has been so busy, between finishing garments and entering my first competition I have barely had time to breath! I hope November is a little more calm! I’ll be spending most of November doing exam revision, yay (not)! I have been wearing very little make up so suncream has been very important to my beauty regime. I love this La Roche-Posay factor 50 sun scream. I have worn it everyday. Also in my experience whenever I ask anyone why their skin is amazing the answer is wearing sun cream every day!

I love my plummy lip stains and that’s what Autumn lips are all about! I particularly have loved this YSL one and a cheaper version, New York Scene by Revlon! Both such perfect Autumn shades and the Revlon stain is very moisturizing.

Next an old favourite and a new one. Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir is my all time favourite perfume. I put it away for the summer months and then out it comes in full force as soon as Autumn hits! It’s a fruity, sophisticated scent and a Jo Malone classic! A new fave is Topshop’s Highlighter in Sunbeam. I had never tried Topshop make up before and picked this up on a whim and boy an I glad I did! It adds such a lovely glow to my cheekbones! Its buildable so can be very subtle or make your cheekbones shine at night! I will definitely be trying out more of Topshops selection!

The last beauty item I have been loving is the Stroke of Light eye brightener by Bare Minerals. I’m lucky I don’t get bags or dark circles under my eyes but it doesn’t hurt to look a little more fresh after a late night! It blends really easily into my skin and leaves me looking bright-eyed and ready for the day!

IMG_2783 2 IMG_2800 22Now  to random favourites. I think my overall favourite of the month has to be my rain boots. The weather has been awful here in Dublin so I wear these glorious boots into college everyday! I bought them in Dungarven in Waterford and it was the best purchase ever! I get loads of compliments and my other shoes are in better condition as I’m destroying them in the rain!

Ah Bee Pollen, why is it only now I have discovered you? It goes in my porridge, smoothies or as a little spoonful straight into my mouth! It’s a great source of protein and contains folic acid and amino acids. A lovely addition to my health food stocks!

Lastly is the most adorable pair of earrings ever I rarely stray from wearing the same few pieces of jewellery everyday so if a piece of jewellery makes it to my favourites list it’s going to be special. My mother brought these back from a holiday as a little gift (best mother ever) and I just love them to pieces. Anything with little pearls on them is a winner in my books!

I hope you have enjoyed having a look at what I have been loving this month! November is my birthday month I have a feeling it’s going to contain some pretty exciting favourites! I hope you all had a lovely October and will have an even better November!

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