Irish Beauty Blog Awards


Last Thursday I attended the Irish Beauty Blog Awards. I was blown away when I was nominated for the Best New Blog award. Although I didn’t win it was incredible  to be a finalist and to go to such a lovely event. It was held in the famous Lilles Bordello. Inside there was a chocolate fountain, cupcake stands, the most delicious finger food, champagne and full of fabulous people wearing fashionable outfits. AND the goodie bags were AMAZING, full of fab beauty  products, I wore a dress by Needle and Thread and I LOVE it! This is the second event I have wore a Needle and Thread dress to, I think I found my new go to brand! I love how simple and sweet it is. I felt very pretty and Summery wearing it! And look at the beading on the shoulders, stunning!

IMG_4789 IMG_4781

IMG_4760I  love blogging so much. Its amazing to be nominated for basically just doing what you love and for what is essentially a hobby. I don’t know if I say this often but thank you to each and every one of you readers. I still find it incredible that there are people out three who read this who are not just my mother! Love to you all! xxx



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