Halloween Lush Haul

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1. Wizard Bubble Bar 2. Lord of Misrule 3. Fairy Ring Soap 4. Yog Nog Soap 5. Sparkler 6 .Sparkly Pumpkin

I sort of live for Lush’s Autumn/Winter releases. This may make me sad in some people’s eyes but it makes me so very happy! So Last friday was release day and before I went to the Lush shop I swore to myself I would only buy their Halloween products and stay far away from all the beautiful Christmas treats. I tried to keep my promise, I really did. I quickly stuffed all five of their Halloween products into my basket and happily spent the next half an hour sniffing the christmassy goodness. I totally caved and bought a small few Christmas goodies! My favourite of the Halloween collection is the adorable little sparkly pumpkin which smells as good as it looks! And from the christmas selection I couldn’t leave without Yog Nog soap, its smells of warm spicy baking an I just want to eat it! Have a look at the Lush website to find out more about these products!

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I’ll pick up the rest of the products closer to Christmas but I really couldn’t resist these three little beauties! Sure why not, life is too short to deny yourself some harmless bath products! Here we have First Snow a dusting powder with a beautiful orange citrus scent, Hot Toddy a shower gel with such a christmassy spicy smell that warms you up in the shower! And lastly So White which is a shower gel with the same fragrance as the lush christmas bathbomb So white. It has a lovely crisp apple scent and is slightly shimmery!

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