The BEST Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea at the Westin Hotel


Hello my lovelies! Its time for a very typical Ladypennyfeather post! Its time to hear me wax lyrical about yet another afternoon tea. BUT I promise you all, this happens to be my very, very favorite afternoon tea. It is drumroll The Westin’s Most Peculiar Afternoon Tea.

Why is this my favorite? It is a modern, topsy turvy take on the traditional afternoon tea! I posted a picture of the menu so have a little look and I challenge you not to feel your tummy rumble and your mouth water! The very best part is instead of tea, you’re served a mojito in a teapot, which is oh so hipster but still oh so sweet! And a more delicious take on a mojito I have yet to find!

The tea is served in the beautiful Atrium Lounge which looks like your sitting in an outdoor courtyard! So dreamy! It really is the perfect place to  while away the hours having girly chats and plotting to take over the world!!

Go grab your mother, girlfriends or reluctant boy and try it out!

Evening Meal at the The Cliff House Hotel


Hello everyone. I wanted to share a  really special meal with you all. I love to eat out and a few weeks ago I ate the most delicious meal of my life. Not only was it the most delicious, it was also the most creative, artistic meal I have ever had! The Cliff House Hotel is a fabulous boutique spa hotel in Ardmore Co Waterford. Now when I say it’s one of the loveliest hotels in the world I may be a little biased as I live in Ardmore, but it totally is. Having an evening meal there is a real special occasion so that Friday night my mother, brother and I got all dolled up and headed out for a night of cullinary delights!




I had:

King Crab & Chicken: Chicken Poached & Confit, King Crab Salad & Steak, Garden Celery, Lettuce, Sesame, Bloody Mary 

 Irish Rose Veal: Striploin Stuffed & Oven Roasted, Green Asparagus, Gnocchi, Sweetbreads, Thyme, Veal Jus

Organic Chocolate 65 %: Crème, Ganache, Caramelized, 24 Carat Gold, Olive Oil, Apricot, Sea Salt, ‘White’ Coffee Ice Cream  

IMG_4485 IMG_4491 IMG_4495 IMG_4537 IMG_4521 IMG_4547

Everything was mouthwatering, it was one of those meals where at the end you wish you weren’t full so you could start all over again! I think the highlight for me was the crab starter. I’m a huge fan of crab and order it where ever I go. This had to be one of the best crab dishes I have ever tasted! If you’re ever in Ardmore call in and have a bite to eat at the bar, if the weather is good sit out and have a cocktail on the terrace. I’ve often sat outside and felt like I’m in a foreign country!  Until next time my lovelies!

Healthy(ish) Delicious Fudge

IMG_3376 2 IMG_3372 2


Hello my lovelies and welcome to my first ever recipe post! Since this blog is all about things I love and little things that make me happy I felt I just HAD to include this recipe for Lucuma Fudge. Not only do I want to share this recepie I want to share the incredible lady behind the fudge! Susan Jane White is a nutritional chef who runs an amazing blog and published a cookbook called The Extra Virgin Kitchen. It sounds very melo dramatic but I think buying her cookbook has changed my relationship with food. It’s so much more than a healthy recipe book, it changes how you think about food and also Susan proves you dont have to sacrifice amazing flavour to eat healthily. Just stop right now and go check out her website. Well maybe wait until you’ve finished reading this!

Anyway enough rambling and praising, you’ll have to go figure out how awesome she is yourself! This recipe is so simple and amazingly quick to make. It is the most delicious substitute for my chocolate cravings. I had never heard of Lucuma powder before. It comes from a fruit that is too perishable to ship to Ireland so we can only get it in powder form. It has a wonderful rich sweet taste. I buy mine from the Avoca Rathcoole, if you cant make it there try health food shops or Fallon and Byrne if you live in Dublin.

You will need: 

4 tablespoons coconut oil

8 tablespoons  ground almonds

3 tablespoons lucuma powder

2 tablespoons raw honey or maple syrup

1 teaspoon vanilla powder


Line a small container with cling film.

Melt the coconut oil over a low heat.

Once melted stir in the rest of the ingredients and mix with a fork.

It should now look like sand, taste and adjust the sweetness or saltiness to your prefrence.

Pour into the container and place in fridge for 1 hour.

Try not to eat it all at once!


The Merrion Art Afternoon Tea

IMG_3991 2


Hello my lovelies! I think by now you all know I love my afternoon tea! Actually I think love is an understatement! So I was delighted when my family planned a trip to the Merrion Hotel to have their Art afternoon tea. First of all lets get the important bit out of the way. What did I wear?! I continued my obsession of wearing navy! I’m wearing a new navy coat from Zara (I’m obsessed with it), dress from Whistles, my Ash boots, Louis Vuitton scarf , tights from Tights Dept and Celine handbag.

IMG_4001 2


Now on to the main event, afternoon Tea. The Merrion Hotel is beautiful, a mix of old world charm and modern art. The tea is served in the drawing room which is fabulous large room BUT I was disappointed to find our table was not nearly big enough for us and the seats were far too low. We probably would have asked to be moved to a different table if they had not all been full! Aside from this inconvenience we had a lovely afternoon.

IMG_4017 2 IMG_4042 2 IMG_4064 2 IMG_4056 2The food was delicious and plentiful. We had two boxes of leftovers to take home which I always love as a midnight snack! The stand out pieces was the last course where the chef makes sweet creations based on art found in the hotel. This is what, in my opinion elevated it from an average to a something special tea. Another hit for me were the chicken and pesto sandwiches from the first savoury course. They were delicious and we ordered a second serving! I would definitely go back again but I’ll just be sure to reserve a larger table and higher seats!


What I Wore: Family Dinner

IMG_3445 2 IMG_3424 2 IMG_3434 2Hello my lovelies! I hope everyone is having a FABULOUS week so far! I have been doing a lot of thinking and planning and general head space maintenance and I have to say I’m feeling pretty good! Last weekend I went out to dinner with my family and I thought what a good opportunity for another outfit post! I wore a dress by Mary Grant, I “borrowed” my top from my mother, tights by Vera Wang (I know, I had no idea she did tights, bought them from TK Maxx). I bought my shoes in the Brown Thomas sale and they are by LK Bennett. They are AMAZING! Glittery, gold and pink, what more could a girl want?!

IMG_3427 2 IMG_3451 2We had dinner in a restaurant in Blackrock Co Dublin called Le Plancha. The food was out of this world. I’m not sure if the pictures do the food justice, the lighting was a little odd. To start I had Mushrooms on Toast: Wild mushrooms on toasted brioche with crispy hens egg and cream. I think this was one of the tastiest dishes I have ever had!

IMG_3471 2Then for main course we all had different steaks. Mine was beautiful and my brother who considers himself a steak connoisseur rated his as 7.5 out of ten, which by his standards is pretty damn good!

IMG_3487 2 IMG_3479 2I loved it all so much I’m thinking of booking it for Valentine’s dinner! I hope you all enjoys the rest of the week and chin up, the weekend is just around the corner!