Summer Style Pt. 1

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Dress: Warehouse, Shoes: Kurt Geiger, Bag: Louis Vuitton, Pearls: Ardmore Jewellery

I will be the first to admit, Winter clothing is the real love of my life, my pasty limbs do not fare well being exposed in the sun. If I could get away with tights all year round I happily would! This Summer in an effort to try and look sunkissed a got my first spray tan since my Debs! It did not turn out well, I looked like an idiot and scrubbed it off as quickly as I could and resigned myself to back and try rock the “pale and interesting” look.

Jacket: Maje, Top: Jack WIlls

Jacket: Maje, Top: Jack WIlls, Skirt: Maje


Top: Claudie Pierlot, Skirt, Maje, Shoes: Kurt Geiger, Bag: Louis Vuitton


This Summer instead of going crazy buying pieces I bought a few good classic pieces and kept a colour scheme in mind. Most of the pieces I ended up purchasing were either white or navy. Stripy tops in white and navy from Jack Wills and lots of white or navy tops and skirts from Maje, Sandro and Claudie Pierlot ended up making up most of my Summer wardrobe. I also found sticking to a few brands helped make all the items more interchangeable.

Most of these pics came from my poor old I phone so apologies for quality! There’ll be lots more Summer outfit pics coming up soon! Hope you’re all making the most of the weather while we have it!