PYD Fashion Show

IMG_3749 2Hello and happy Sunday! Grab a cup of tea, get comfy and get reading! I had a CRAZY week culminating in a fashion show Thursday night. It was the semi finals of DIT’s Project Young Designer competition. Although I didn’t make it to the finals (but three students from Grafton Academy did YAY!!) it was an amazingly fun and rewarding experience.

I entered an outfit from my first collection I’m making in college, a top, skirt and leggings. Its so exciting to see your designs on a model and not just a mannequin! It was also incredible to see garments from other talented designers from other colleges.

Amazing designs from the Grafton Academy entries!

Amazing designs from the Grafton Academy entries!

IMG_3833 2 IMG_3834 2 IMG_3804 2 IMG_3841 2We arrived at 12 to be assigned our models and have a fitting. Then we left to order pizza and make any last minute adjustments to our garments. Then back to watch hair and make up, take 100’s of pictures and wait for the competition to start. It was an exhilarating, stressful, rewarding night. We may have had a few well earned cocktails afterwards! Tomorrow it’s back to the grindstone to get started on the rest of my collection. I think I’ll start putting up more of my work and progress designs up here. It might be something you’re interested in? I hope you all had a lovely weekend!




What I Wore: Winter College Outfit

IMG_3625 2Greetings my lovelies! What is this? Another outfit post! I started this blog to document lots of things that make me happy. Well one of my first loves is style and dressing up every day. I actually cannot put into words how much I love putting an outfit together. Taking inspiration from other fashion lovers or just going with my gut and breaking the rules, making quiet a few fashion fauz pas along the way. This is an outfit I wore to college during the week. It has been freezing so yes I did wear a massive coat over it!IMG_3581 2 IMG_3630 2 IMG_3628 2I’m wearing a skirt that I bought it Dressed in Bandon, shirt is from Jack Wills, tights from H&M, bag Louis Vuitton, necklace by Ardmore Jewellery and my boots from Ash.

IMG_3606 2Shirts tucked into skirts have saved my life this Autumn/Winter. They have become that really easy combo for those mornings you wake up late for college! Before I go I wanted to let you all know I have been shortlisted for my first ever blog competition! I am speechless with excitement! I can’t believe after only six months of blogging how much this little site has grown. I still have to pinch myself that anyone reads my little space of the internet! Thank you to every single one of you. Now mushy stuff aside, I’ll be back Sunday with another post! Until then stay warm!


January Favorites!

IMG_3503 2January has come to an end. As we always say at this time, where has the month gone? New Years Eve and the end of the holidays seem so long ago! I feel like I have really loved my favorites this month. Every product has proved itself to me and I am truly happy to recommend all of them! This is going to be a long one so sit comfortably, get a cup of tea and enjoy!

Can I start with the most exciting and my favorite of all the favorites?! I think I shall! This beautiful pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. They were a very generous Christmas gift and I still cant quite believe they’re mine! I had two events over Christmas and I was wearing the same navy dress to both. Only problem was I don’t really own many heels. I am a flats girl through and through. I couldn’t find any navy shoes that suited and when I found these I fell in love. I was the happiest girl in the world when they we under the Christmas tree!

I went on a little trip to boots and picked some products. Firstly two lip products Revlon Lip Butter in the shade Candy Apple and also Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick in the shade Hot Pepper. These are two very different lip products. Revlon lip butter is so moisturizing and  adds a lovely red sheen to my lips. Its a really good every day lip products. The Bourjouis is wow though. Its so deeply pigmented and honestly lasts for so long. I wore this for a night out where I wasn’t home until four in the morning and it was still on my lips! And I love the deep red shade! I also picked up a Collection 2000 concealer. I have heard so much about this over the years I thought It was finally time to try it out. I am so glad I did. I use it under my eyes and also on blemishes. Usually I use two different products for my eye and blemishes but this worked fabulously on both. I had an unfortunately spotty month and this saved my life. Plus its ridiculously cheap!

Other faves have been Origins Ginzing Energy refreshing moisturizer. A lovely light morning moisturizer. They also have other products in this range I need to try out! I got my first ever Urban Decay Naked palette. I chose Naked 2 and I’m not quiet sure how I lived without it? I am majorly behind the times with this one. I have been saying I must pick one up for years and just never have. I don’t think I can ever be without it now!

I repurchased one of my favorite old perfumes Naughty Alice by Vivianne Westwood. One of my favorite designers makes one of my favorite perfumes. Bliss. It brings back lovely memories! No favorites list would be complete without a Lush product. This months Lush pick is a shaving soap called D’Fluff. Smells like marshmallows and strawberries and leave my skin silky smooth, enough said!

Another exciting addition to my beauty collection was this limited edition Bobbi Brown brush set. As soon as it was released with their Christmas collection I knew I had to have it! The brushes are divine and the case they come in is so luxurious. This has been in my handbag since I got it!

Lastly is a book. Not just any book, the best cookbook EVER. The Extra Virgin Kitchen by Susan Jane White. This has sort of changed my life. Healthy eating without sacrificing flavor. The dishes are exciting and the recipes so simple that even a hopeless cook like me can whip up delicious dishes! I might even share a few of the recipes I have tried in a blog post!

Phew that was a lot of typing! I hope you managed to get through all that and maybe some of you are inspired to try out a new product or two! Stay happy and fabulous my darlings!